“Love” it’s a Shot in the Dark, Music Video World Premiere

"Love" it's a Shot in the Dark

Photo by Mona Marie

Photo by Mona Marie

This is the first “single” ever released by Singer and Guitarist Jeff Swan. The song is about the hard Life of a street girl and was written and recorded in the 1980’s. Jeff Swan layed down both the guitar and the bass tracks as well as the Vocals, while Producer Brian Eatin played the drums. The song was recently released on Dark Star Records and Sony Music Entertainment, and can be Purchased from iTunes:


The Music Video, “Love” it’s a Shot in the Dark by Jeff Swan is Now Playing at Vimeo On Demand. Watch the entire video in full HD and Download it to keep forever:


Street Girls

Slam Bang Release Their Final Album “Everyday is a Party” with Lead Vocalist and Co Founder Jeff Swan

Slam Bang

Slam BangSlam Bang release their last and final album “Everyday is a Party” with lead vocalist and co founder Jeff Swan. Since the band was first formed in 2007, Slam Bang have shared the stage with a number of great bands including: LA Guns, Y&T, Jackyl, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Faster Pussycat and Others. The band was best known for their simple hard rock party songs like Naked and Stoned and Hit It. The band then became Notorious for offering Free Jagermeister at Shows and bringing girls up on stage to sing backup vocals. The original 2007 lineup included Jeff Swan, Bob Cozza, Bill Gingrich and Bob Groble. Guitarist Bob Groble who gave the band it’s sweet melodic guitar solo’s moved to Arizona and was later replaced by Russ Odean who is now playing for Veilside. Russ had left the band on good terms to go tour with Veilside, and had offered Slam Bang a replacement, good friend and ex Raine guitarist Frank Lenner AKA Frankee Lee. The band continued its duel guitar hard rock party drivin sound long enough to finish their fourth and final release with lead vocalist, guitarist Jeff Swan who moved to California. The new Album is Titled “Everyday is a Party” and is now available worldwide via Dark Star Records and Sony Music. The new release includes: Naked and Stoned, Everyday is a Party, Somebody New, When The Lights Go Down, Hit It, You and I plus the Theme song from the movie “Jezebeth” She’s Calling Out Your Name. Here is the title track from the new album “Everyday is a Party”.

Photo by Jr Wyatt Photography

Photo by Jr Wyatt Photography

Check out the bands most popular music video featuring the single “Hit It”

But it Now

Buy the New Album “Everyday is a Party” from Slam Bang at: