Jeff Swan Lands Acting Role in the Western Vampire Adventure Film JEZEBETH 3 “THE GUNS OF EL DIABLO”

Jeff Swan

Actor JEFF SWAN has been cast in Damien Dante’s latest film. Jeff Swan along with Damien Dante will both appear in a saloon gunfight scene in the Western Vampire Adventure Film Jezebeth 3 The Guns of El Diablo. Their characters are Ben and Billy Thompson, who in reality were notorious Texas gunmen in the 1870’s. Jezebeth 3 The Guns of El Diablo is directed, produced and written by Damien Dante and also produced by Jeffrey A Swanson who will once again be the cinematographer as well.

Jezebeth 3 The Guns of El Diablo

SYNOPSIS: Wanted for murder all throughout Texas in 1870, the outlaws El Diablo, Crego and Belle were hanged in the town of Serenity. Their black souls were cast into Hell until the 21st century. Not knowing how or why, they awaken. El Diablo and her Bandits resurrect their killing ways until they cross paths with the vampire outlaw Jezebeth Wyck, her Desperados, and a telekinetic child with paranormal powers.

Jeff Swan

Jezebeth 3 The Guns of El Diablo is written, directed and produced by Damien Dante & also Produced by Jeffrey A Swanson, The film will be shot in HD 4K with Cinematography by Jeffrey A. Swanson. The Movie will be Distributed Worldwide by SGL Entertainment along with their partners Indie Rights and MVD Entertainment. Look for Jezebeth 3 The Guns of El Diablo on Blu-Ray, DVD, Cable TV and Video On Demand in 2016.

Jeff Swan and Damien Dante

Jeff Swan and Damien Dante

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