Jeff Swan has released more than a dozen albums worldwide. Every album tells a different story. Starting at the bottom of the page with Jeff’s first release “Play to Win” by “Black and White” to his Latest hard rock album “Everyday is a Party” by “Slam Bang”. All releases can be found at the Dark Star Records online store or you can preview and download albums right here from iTunes.


Now Available on CD
and 12″ Black Vinyl
Everyday is a Party
by Slam Bang



Every Day is a Party by Slam Bang
iTunesEVERYDAY IS A PARTY / SLAM BANG: This is Slam Bang’s last and final album with Singer, Guitarist and Frontman Jeff Swan. This is a great seven song hard rock party album and features Jeff Swan, Bob Cozza, Bill Gingrich, Frankie Lee and Bob Groble.

The Night Sky by DJ Swan
iTunesTHE NIGHT SKY / DJ SWAN: This is the first “Trance” single from DJ Swan. This club dance song was created on an iPod Touch and recorded on a Zoom.

Jezebeth Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
iTunesJEZEBETH ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK: This album features three tracks from Jeff Swan’s band Slam Bang, including the Jezebeth theme song, She’s Calling Out Your Name. Other songs include Hit It and You and I.

Naked and Stoned by Slam Bang
iTunesNAKED AND STONED / SLAM BANG: This is Slam Bang’s second hard rock “Single”. Jeff Swan wrote the lyrics to this song during a heat wave in Chicago. Naked and Stoned went on to become one of the bands most popular songs.

She's Calling Out Your Name by Slam Bang
iTunesSHE’S CALLING OUT YOUR NAME / SLAM BANG: The band recruited Lead Singer Bobby Slawek and Keyboardist David E. Tedeschi to write and produce the theme song for the movie “Jezebeth”. Jeff Swan Co-wrote the song and performs the first lead guitar solo. The song also features Bob Cozza, Bill Gingrich, and Bob Groble. The Track was Produced by Matt Mercado along with the band Slam Bang and was Mastered by Doug McBride at Gravity Studios who has worked with “Fall Out Boy” and
“The Smashing Pumpkins”.

Hit It by Slam Bang
iTunesSLAM BANG / HIT IT: The first “Single” from the party rock band Slam Bang featuring Jeff Swan on Lead Vocals and Guitars. This “Single” also includes the bonus track “You and I”. The band features Jeff Swan, Bob Cozza, Bill Gingrich and Bob Groble.

Resurrection In Black by Slave Driver
iTunesRESURRECTION IN BLACK / SLAVE DRIVER: The Heaviest Album to date from Jeff Swan and Slave Driver. This would be the last release from the heavy metal icons known as Slave Driver. Jeff Swan and the band pushed the envelope all the way to the edge with this dark and powerful 3 song EP. The song “Not Human” was featured in the movie “The Day of the Dead”, and before the band would break up “Slave Driver” would perform in front of a crowd of thousands at the Milwaukee Metalfest XVII. The lineup featured Jeff Swan, Blair Lehman, Phil Di Maso and Bill Gingrich.

Carnivore Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
iTunesCARNIVORE ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK: This was a huge album for Jeff Swan and his band Slave Driver. The soundtrack featured two songs from the band LA’s Burning and Mother Mary. The movie released on 20th Century Fox also spurred the top ten video “Mother Mary” by Slave Driver beating out Filter and System of a Down.

Judgement Day by Slave Driver
iTunesJUDGEMENT DAY / SLAVE DRIVER: This was Jeff Swan’s Debut Full Length Album. The Album that kicked off a Lifetime of Metal and Hard Rock Mayhem. As most all albums are released in 16 bit, we released our first album in 24 bit. Two songs from the Album also appeared on the Carnivore Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, Along side LA Guns and Holland. The songs were LA’s Burning and Mother Mary. The bands lineup included Jeff Swan, John Babila and Bill Gingrich.

She's On Fire by Metal Shop
iTunesMETAL SHOP / SHE’S ON FIRE: Ripped jeans, Lot’s of Hair and one party song after another. Metal Shop tore it up in the late 80’s with their wild stage show, and legendary partying. The band survived long enough to release their 3 song EP which included the ballad I Will Always Be Their For You.

"Love" It's A Shot in the Dark by Jeff Swan
iTunesJEFF SWAN / “LOVE” IT’S A SHOT IN THE DARK: After the band Black and White broke up, Jeff Swan went into the Studio with Producer Brian Eatin and Recorded his first “Single”. This would be the first time Jeff Swan would sing Lead Vocals. Brian Eatin jumped in on the drums while Jeff played the bass and guitars.

Play To Win by Black And White
iTunesPLAY TO WIN / BLACK AND WHITE: At age 20 Jeff Swan and female lead singer Jackie Bruckman traveled to Highwood Illinois from California to stay with Jackie’s grandmother. They formed the group De Je Vu and took their first single “Save Me” straight to 103.1 WVVX. At midnight the song was played on the air by Scott Loftus. The band would soon break up. Jeff Swan and Singer Jackie Bruckman went through the Illinois Entertainer classified ads and found drummer John Babila and bassist Jim Patterson. Things were going well until Jackie decided to go back to school in California. So the band brought in Bob Slawek on Vocals. The band went under the name “First Love” and soon performed at the Hemmens Auditorium Battle of the Bands. The band took first place and won “cash plus recording time”. As time went on the band changed its name to “Black and White” and soon became very popular on the Illinois Club Circuit. The band was able to get a full length album together “Play to Win” before they broke up.

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