Jeff Swan

Jeff Swan

Jeff Swan began playing the guitar at age twelve. From then on it was clear what road he would travel. By age eighteen Jeff Swan was playing lead guitar for a number of popular west coast bands including “The Red Sunglasses” and “Wreckless Pleasure”. By age 20 Jeff Swan and female lead singer Jackie Bruckman traveled to Highwood Illinois for the summer to stay with Jackie’s grandmother. They formed the group De Je Vu and took their first single “Save Me” straight to 103.1 WVVX. At midnight the song was played on the air by Scott Loftus. The band would soon break up. Jeff Swan and Singer Jackie Bruckman went through the Illinois Entertainer classified ads and found drummer John Babila and bassist Jim Patterson. Things were going well until Jackie decided to go back to school in California. So the band brought in Bob Slawek on Vocals. The band went under the name “First Love” and soon performed at the Hemmens Auditorium Battle of the Bands. The band took first place and won “cash plus recording time”. As time went on the band changed its name to “Black and White” and soon became very popular on the Illinois Club Circuit. There were parties every weekend. At one party “Jeff Swan” meet the casting director for an up coming horror film “Carnivore”. Jeff Swan landed the role of “Marc” a party going teenager.
"Carnivore" 20th Century Fox

“Carnivore” 20th Century Fox

The film would take years to make and in the meantime the band “Black and White” would soon part ways. Jeff Swan moving forward with his music career went into the studio with producer Brian Eaton to record “Love” It’s A Shot In The Dark”. This would be Jeff Swan’s first solo recording “now available on itunes”. With the anticipation of the movie release Jeff Swan put together a new band called “Metal Shop” featuring John Babila on drums and Bill Gingrich on bass. Metal Shop was a fun party band and they were living the wild life throughout the late 80’s. As the hair band era came to an end the band changed its name to “Slave Driver” and landed the song “LA’s Burning” in the movie Carnivore. The producer of the film also shot a music video for the song ”Mother Mary” which hit # 10 on the CVC charts beating out System Of A Down, The Vines, Chevelle and Filter. In 2002 Carnivore was picked up by 20th Century Fox and was released worldwide. In the meantime Jeff Swan had started his own record label “Dark Star Records”. Soon after the release of the movie Ken Mader the producer asked Dark Star Records to put out the soundtrack to Carnivore.
Jeff Swan as the "Reverend"

Jeff Swan as the “Reverend”

Jeff and Ken brought in LA Guns, Holland, Nitro, Slave Driver and many other great artists and launched the “Carnivore Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on the Dark Star Records Label. Since then the record label has grown to having over 25 artists on the roster including Jeff Swan’s most well known band “Slam Bang”. Since the band was first formed in 2007, Slam Bang have shared the stage with a number of great bands including: LA Guns, Y&T, Jackyl, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Faster Pussycat and Others. The band was best known for their simple hard rock party songs like Naked and Stoned and Hit It. The band then became Notorious for offering Free Jagermeister at Shows and bringing girls up on stage to sing backup vocals.The original 2007 lineup included Jeff Swan, Bob Cozza, Bill Gingrich and Bob Groble. Guitarist Bob Groble who gave the band it’s sweet melodic guitar solo’s moved to Arizona and was later replaced by Russ Odean who is now playing for Veilside. Russ had left the band on good terms to go tour with Veilside, and had offered Slam Bang a replacement, good friend and ex Raine guitarist Frank Lenner AKA Frankie Lee. The band continued its duel guitar hard rock party drivin sound long enough to finish their fourth and final release with lead vocalist, guitarist Jeff Swan who moved to California. Jeff Swan also played guitar in the well known AC/DC tribute band Dirty Deeds for more than a decade. Besides playing music Jeff Swan appeared as an actor in a number of movies, music videos and TV shows including a starring role in the cult classic 20th Century Fox sci fi horror film Carnivore as well as Jezebeth the TV Series Pilot, Frankenstein Day of the Beast, Fragile a music video by Shatter Their Illusion and the vampire horror film Jezebeth. Currently Jeff Swan continues to act and record new music, including his electronic/trance project called DJ Swan, And Jeff stays very busy with his three companies Dark Star Records, SGL Entertainment, West Coast Merch and Celebrity Swag.

DJ Swan

DJ Swan

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